Mr. Santosh Kumar Gupta (Faculty)


Mr. Santosh Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor (Electrical),
Electrical Engineering

7905145758   |   [email protected]

M.Tech (Power System)
Ph.D (Pursuing)
Area Of Research
Power System, FACTS, Voltage Stability Control
List Of Publications
1. Santosh Kumar Gupta, Jayant Mani Tripathi, Mrinal Ranjan and Dheeraj Kumar, "Maximization of injected power and efficiency based optimal location of DPFC using iterative procedure," Archives of Electrical Engineering vol. 71(1), pp. 91-108, Sept. 2021. DOI: 10.24425/aee.2022.140199. (ESCI and SCOPUS Indexed).
2. Jayant Mani Tripathi, Santosh Kumar Gupta, Mrinal Ranjan, Vikash Kumar, Shivam Yadav, Aseem Chandel and Smriti Singh, "Protection coordination of directional over current relay with distributed generation," Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Vol. 26(1) pp. 20-27, April 2022. DOI: (SCOPUS Indexed)
3. Santosh Kumar Gupta, Jayant Mani Tripathi, Ashish Ranjan, Rishi Kesh, Amit Kumar, Mirnal Ranjan and Pankaj Sahu, "Optimal sizing of Distributed Power Flow Controller Based on Jellyfish Optimizer," Journal Operation and Automation in Power Engineering," July 2022. DOI:10.22098/JOAPE.2022.10611.1762. (Accepted) (SCOPUS Indexed).
4. Bidyut Mahato, Mrinal Ranjan, Pradipta Kimar Pal, Santosh Kumar Gupta, and Kailash Kumar Mahto, "Design Development and Verification of New Multilevel Inverter for Reduced Power Switches, Archives of Electrical Engineering, Vol. 71(04), pp. 1051-1063, Aug 2022. (ESCI and SCOPUS Indexed).
Conference Attended (National/International)
1. Santosh Kumar Gupta and Shelly Vadhera, "Performance of distributed power flow controller on system behavior under unbalance fault condition," SCES 2014, NIT Allahabad, India, 28-30 May 2014, DOI: 10.1109/SCES.2014.6880066.
2. Santosh Kumar Gupta, Sanjeev Kumar Mallik, Jayant Mani Tripathi and Pankaj Sahu, Comparison of voltage stability index with optimal placement of SSSC considering maximum loadability, 2021 International Symposium of Asian Control Association on Intelligent Robotics and Industrial Automation (IRIA-2021). IIT Goa, INDIA, September - 2021.
3. Lokesh Kumar Yadav, Rajarshi Singh, Avaneesh Kumar Singh, Gautam Kumar, Santosh Kumar Gupta and Akhilesh Kumar Barnwal, "Fuzzy Based Battery Scheduling with Solar Power Generation for Home Energy Management System," ICRTCST-2021, 11-12 Feb. 2022. RVSCET, Jamshedpur. DOI: 10.1109/ICRTCST54752.2022.9781975.
4. Anil Kumar, Santosh Kumar Gupta, Amit Kumar, Satyavir Singh and Neeraj Kumar, "Automatic Power Management System by Integration of Conventional and Non-Conventional Energy Resources," 11-12 Feb. 2022. RVSCET, Jamshedpur. DOI: 10.1109/ICRTCST54752.2022.9781885.
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